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    About us

    Brief introduction about DASS

    Shenzhen DASS Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. belongs to Shenzhen Osdauto Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., is a comprehensive sensor technology company formed by a group of oversea returnees in the scientific research field. DASS sensor company is committed to one-stop solutions for photoelectric sensors with series of breaking throughs of industry challenges:
    1. DASS sensors can be densely installed and the signals do not interfere with each other,
    2. DASS sensors can work under the conditions of strong glare,
    3. DASS sensors can reach 0 blind-area detecting, which is the pioneer of industry.

    DASS' sensor business delivers the concept of excellence. At present, it has spread throughout the domestic and international automation fields and has long served various clients and fields.

    DASS' vision: to manufacture world-class sensors and carry forward Chinese technology.


    • In the early years, the founder studied in Japan then worked at a semiconductor research institution of Japan to learn advanced semiconductor technology.

    • In 2010, the founder brought the returnee team to establish Shenzhen Osdauto Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. and began the research and development of semiconductor applications. 

    • In 2015-2017 DASS team developed a variety of sensors and intelligent robots, obtained related patents.

    • In 2017, to create the world-class sensors, Shenzhen DASS Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. was established – a solid step was taken.

    • In 2019, the subsidiary company - Qingdao DASS Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. was established, which opened up the oversea market.

    • Financing, going public, being global, serving more people,

    • The future is expected ...

    Contact us

    Shenzhen Headquarter

    Address: China, Shenzhen, Guang Ming new district, Songbai Industry zone, C Zone, Building Zhong Chuanghui No.2, 310.

    Free hot line: +86 4008275108

    Fax: +86 0755 29434507

    Qingdao DASS Sensor Technology Co.,Ltd. (Oversea market)

    Address: China, Qingdao, Jimo, Xi Gong Guan, 2-1-610.

    Tel: +86 532 68965901 

    Mob: +86 13792463452


    Wuxi office

    Address: China, Wuxi, Liangxi district, Xue Qian street No.88

    Mob: +86 1582658115 

    Headquarter map